About Me

                                                                                                       Bryan Boomershine

                                                                                                      Bryan Boomershine


I have been creating art since I was a young child. I was fortunate to have some formal art training growing up which included working with oils, pen and ink and pastels. Looking back at art projects from my early age I realized that abstract ideas were always on my mind. Over the years I have expanded my thinking about color, texture and composition. Color and texture play a big part of my work I do not always set out knowing what I am going to paint. I am inspired by color combinations and objects that let me subconsciously flow onto the canvas. I love bold vibrant colors. Colors create moods and I love the way a painting can change the mood of a room as the sun moves throughout the day. My primary mode is painting with acrylics, oils, and mixed media on canvas and acrylic board. I also find metallic gold and silver leafs wonderful to combined with bold colors and texture for interesting effects.


Artist statement

Inspired by the colors of our natural and man-made reality that are made up of many layers and textures. Composition can be bold and unexpected bright colors that combine warm and cool colors or soft and sensual with the blending of different tones of the same color like blue that is calming and peaceful as the painting draws you in. The use of these abstract colorful palettes conveys the positive and beautiful aspects of our everyday world. This can be the blue and green colors of the ocean or a leaf under the microscope with its unseen texture with the naked eye. My paintings are about bringing a piece of our world into the interiors of our homes.

My work seeks to capture the imagination by using the sub conscience to dictate use of colors and composition when painting. Many times the decision to use a color palette is not premeditated but as it unfolds at that moment. This includes the spontaneous wash of color or the thick layering of gesso or gold leaf. The finial outcome is never known until feeling it.

Whereas I am self taught and, I know no boundaries of what you are “supposed to do, or not”. I love exploring unexpected uses of paint, surfaces and decorative medium. My work has been published and exhibited in such venues as Art Loop Chicago and the Chicago Art Coalition.

Chicago & Palm Springs